Let Go of the Clutter.

Are you tired of the newspapers, magazines, bills, brochures
and other papers scattered around the house?
Ditch the piles and keep the info – with SaveIT.

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Why SaveIt?


SaveIT is a cloud-based filing system that helps you easily store all of your important documents in one
place, so you can access them all anytime, anywhere. We understand that you want to keep things but
also want to be free from the chaos caused by too much paper, so we’re here to help you do both.

Store Docs Anytime


Being able to save documents anytime is a must-have for frequent travelers who may need access to files on the go.

Auto-Enhance Image Quality


With this feature, your files look clear and sharp. And, you can easily export the files in multiple ways.

Powerful Security System


Never worry about your personal information getting disclosed. SaveIT has secure and reliable system management which allows only authorized users to access your stored files.

What Customers Say About SaveIT


We saw brochures for the furniture that we wanted and I took pictures of the brochure. When the time came that we needed to buy furniture for our new house, I just checked SaveIT and contacted the furniture store immediately.
Rick & Ellen Johnson


SaveIT helped me locate recipes that I wouldn’t remember where I put. My son introduced me to it and he said it could help me get all of the files in one place. I was looking for a recipe I got from my sister but I couldn’t find it. Luckily, my son took that picture and it’s saved here! Thank you, SaveIT!
Jane Kellerman

Mom and Entrepreneur

I was on vacation when I met an investor. I was able to access the needed documents on the spot, and I got all the documents that I needed signed!
Eric Lackey

Business Manager

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